HU in the Classroom is designed to invite students from all over campus, other universities and all over the world to participate in REAL TIME live lectures, dialogue and Q&A by multi-sector thought leaders in the food and agriculture industry.

Thought leader partnerships range from industry experts in policy, business, NGO’s, science, government, healthcare, journalism and more to provide rich content that is balanced, in-depth and encourages perspectives from different touch-points.

Students are encouraged to participate in the REAL TIME media conversations during and after the lecture, sharing their experiences, PLUS taking the HU Challenge to donate a meal and the option to send a letter to their policy-maker with a one click action step.) We are educating about how to be an advocate to end hunger.

Ricky Dollison

Lead farmer, GA 

Fort Valley University 

HU Tour 2016

"The technology that today's farmers use is much improved over what it was 50 years ago. That new technology not only helps farmers by improving their efficiency, but also reduces the cost of food to consumers and helps to preserve the natural environment we all live in."

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