Annnnd They're Off!

We just wrapped up our training in St. Louis and headed to D.C. We’ll be at George Washington University, holding our first exhibition on a college campus. Our set-up at the Cortex Innovation Commons (CiC) went well, so we’re optimistic about this next one.

Our intrepid team consists of manager Jocelyn, social media guy and t-rex-in-chief Handley, policy wizard Kristen, and me (Eve), PR geek. Our backgrounds differ wildly, but we’ve got a good team energy and work well together.

From the left: Handley, Jocelyn, Eve, Kristen

As we tour the US, we’re going to be encouraging people (mostly students) to take the HungerU Challenge. They’ll get to learn about food security, win some prizes, and know that at every stop, HungerU is donating to a partner organization. Here in St. Louis, it was City View Market. They might also get to meet someone previously thought to be extinct: the HungerU t-rex. However, we’ve never seen t-rex and Handley in a room together…

Our kickoff at Cortex Commons went great!

Last week consisted of some hardcore training. We toured Eckert’s Farm, a family-run destination farm that allows people to pick-their-own whatever is in season and sells their stuff at an onsite grocery story. We also got to see inside Monsanto, which originated here in St. Louis, and check out some of their new GMO initiatives, as well as ask them some questions about RoundUp and other newsworthy topics.

On our last day, Handley and I got the hang of Lime scooters and watched the Cardinals get a grand slam against the dodgers. Everyone’s excited to head to DC and see where the next adventure takes us!

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