Delaware Valley University Adventures

The crew made it to Philly in one piece on Sunday, and the next day, we drove out to Delaware Valley University. DVU might be a small campus (not quite 2,000 students), but they smashed our record for challenges taken. Del Val students seem really social and fun-loving, and almost universally, they’re really into dinosaurs. Fred T-Rex, who pitched a hammock outside the wellness center, was a big hit.

Fred Rex taking a break from his busy life on tour

The other cool thing about Delaware Valley is that they’re an ag school with a campus farm and farmer’s market. The farmer’s market uses some solar power to run. The farm is pretty extensive, with dairy and beef cows, sheep, crops that range from corn to pumpkins, an apiary where they make their own honey, and horses. Some of the crops go to the campus dining hall, which means the food is as local as it gets. DVU also has two other properties, the Roth Center and Gemmill Farm. Forty acres of campus make up the Henry Schmeider Arboretum. The arboretum includes some gingko trees, a gift from Japan.

Greenhouses at the DVU Farm

We got to take a tour of the farm after the exhibit, and we learned about their sustainability initiative, where they’re attempting to close the loop and have a 100% self sustaining farm at the Roth Center. They’re a few months in and things are going great.

While at DVU, Katie, who’s in charge of education and recruitment at the DVU chapter of Feel Good dropped by our table and asked to exchange contact information. Since we didn’t have a meetup for DVU, I said I’d love to talk and possibly make Feel Good our meetup for DVU.

Meetups are the organizations that HungerU partners with at each school. We donate $100 to our meetup for each day we’re at a particular campus. Most meetups have to do with helping fight food insecurity, like our last meetup, the GW Store, which is the food pantry at George Washington University.

Feel Good is a little larger than that. It’s a movement that aims to end poverty by 2030. Feel Good chapters (of which there are 25, one at Del Val) donate to the Commitment 2030 fund, 100% of which goes to four organizations: Water For People, Choice Humanitarian, Pachamama Alliance, and The Hunger Project. Since 2005, they’ve raised 1.92 million and invested 249,151 volunteer hours. Here’s a link to their website:

I ended up going to not only a DVU Feel Good meeting but a Feel Good “deli,” which is basically a grilled cheese bar where what you pay for your sandwich goes to the fund. I decided they’d make a great meetup for us at this stop. After exchanging some contact info, the deed was done. Then I caught up with the rest of the crew and saw the farm, a great experience even though it was a little gloomy out.

Katie getting a made-to-order grilled cheese ready

Delware Valley was a great experience, with lots of passionate people. Next up: University of Pennsylvania!

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