Gators and Dinosaurs: HungerU Heads to Florida

Full disclosure: this blog is super late. I’m writing this from a Whole Foods in Texas, and we’re headed to Indiana. Still, I couldn’t not write about our time in Florida. We’d been looking forward to heading south ever since it started getting chilly in Pennsylvania. In St. Augustine, we stayed right on the ocean and spent a lot of beach time. Six weeks on the road can get tiring even for the best of us, so it was great to recharge.

Beachfront air BnB!

You know all those crazy “Florida Man Does [Insert Outrageous Thing Here]” headlines? I kept wondering if we’d see something like that. We didn’t encounter anything that newsworthy, but Florida was a wild place. Our crew encountered longboarders whizzing by and warnings against alligator attack while on exhibit.

We hit up University of North Florida on a beautiful, sunny day. By midday, we were pretty hot, and got tempted to jump in the pond we set up beside--but according to the signs, that would put us at serious risk of alligator attack, so we stayed on dry land.

Who would win--Rex T-vs. Alligator?

Floridians love their longboards, so we risked life and limb trying to slow them down to take the HungerU Challenge. Fred t-rex gave longboarding a try while the owner of this board was taking the challenge…

Pretty good for going extinct before the invention of the wheel!

All in all, UNF was a fun time on a beautiful campus. The crew also went to Florida State University, but I was absent from that stop, so all I can say is that I heard it went well and was just as sunny.

We were sorry to bid Florida goodbye, but excited for the Lone Star State, where we’d find Texas A&M, the HOPE Farmer’s Market, and Huston-Tillotson.

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