HungerU Meets up with #RealCollege at Temple

Fred Rex and a friend hanging out in the #TUbigchairs

A few weeks ago, we hit up Temple University for the #RealCollege event. First off, Temple is super cool. It’s in the middle of Philly, so the campus has an urban vibe. We were set up by one of the student centers where the conference was going on (and, we scored free breakfast from the folks who set up the event). While there, we donated to the Cherry Pantry, which is Temple’s on-campus food pantry, and was our Temple meetup!

Fred Rex went exploring, along with his talented team of photographers, who never fail to get his best angles. C

Philadelphia is also a very fun city, and we enjoyed exploring on our off-time. Highlights included the Liberty Bell, Reading Terminal Market, and One Liberty Observation Deck. Mackenzie Koval, 2016 HungerU alum and current graduate student at Temple made a guest appearance. She shared her tour’s playlist with us and provided some much needed assistance during our two busy days at Temple.

iPad table packed with people (and dinos!) taking the HungerU Challenge

Being at Temple for the #RealCollege conference was really exciting. #RealCollege acknowledges the reality of hungry and homeless college students and looks to find solutions. Their conferences bring educators and administrators together to try to solve these problems that often end up invisible. You can find out more about their collection of awesome initiatives here: It felt great to be part of a big push to prevent hunger and to be among like-minded people.

a group of passionate educators!

Obviously, folks waking up early and coming to #RealCollege are energized, so they were a great crowd. Lots of people wanted to connect and have us come to their school on our next tour, and they were super into answering questions, learning facts, and contacting their representatives. Since they came from far and wide, lots of different legislators must have got inundated with emails--which is a great way to spur change! We gave away tons of dino prizes, and over 300 people took the challenge!

This blog is a little late, but we had a great time at Temple and are really excited about the connections we made. We wish the awesome, engaged educators of #RealCollege conference the best in fighting the good fight against poverty and hunger.

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