The HungerU Crew (and Fred the T-Rex) Take on DC!

The HungerU crew touched down in Washington D.C. around noon on Saturday and started exploring right away. Jocelyn, who grew up on Liberty Kids, was over the moon checking out the National Mall. Before setting up at George Washington University, we all enjoyed checking out the city, museum hopping, and visiting national monuments.

There was even a T-Rex sighting in Great Falls National Park!

Our partner organization at George Washington University was the GW Store, which confused us all at first--the name sounded like a campus bookstore or something similar. The GW Store, as it turns out, is the food pantry on campus. It’s called a store to reduce stigma, and those who use it are referred to as shoppers. It’s a really cool initiative, and they were amazing partners!

The mascot of the store is a hippo, which is also the unofficial mascot of GW itself. (We were told that this is because Martha Washington constantly told people she could see hippos in the Potomac.)

Our first day was sunny and hot. We got a lot of foot traffic and a lot of people taking the challenge and asking good questions, like where we get our funding (the Gates foundation and, more recently, the National Corn Growers Association). People were really enthusiastic about getting dinosaur merch after the challenge. Washingtonians are a pretty cool bunch.

We got hit with some rain the second day, but some intrepid GW folks were still out and about. As the weather cleared up, an ultimate frisbee game started happening behind us--right across the walkways of the quad we were in. Everyone seemed pretty used to the antics and just stepped around the players on their way to Lisner Hall.

A whole rainbow of dinos

Taking the challenge

We head to Philly tomorrow, to hit up Delaware Valley, Temple University, and University of Pennsylvania. I’ll be back with more updates from the City of Brotherly Love soon!

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